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Aslıhan Covered Swimsuit-Navy Blue 1929-17

Size Guide

Sku : Emayo-1929-17

Avability : In Stock

Fabric : Polyester

Color : Navy Blue

Content : Lycra

Cloth Mold : Standard Fit

DELIVERY TIMES : 29 Jan - 02 Feb

Editor's Note: It has fast drying feature. It is not affected by chlorine and salt water. It has a fabric specially produced for swimwear with its durability and non-wrinkling feature that does not weigh down, suitable for long-term use. You will feel very comfortable with the cap specially designed for swimming considering the sensitivity of hijab. With its wide back pattern, the hair can be easily collected, it does not slip. Standard size. No returns or exchanges.


↵ Product; It consists of trousers, long-sleeved tunic, and 1 specially designed cap and underwear.↵↵