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Poncho-Pink 2567-42

Poncho-Pink 2567-42


$ 15.99

Ponchos are an unavoidable option for your Modest Fashion closet in Summer 2020. A modest Poncho will be sure to keep you feeling fresh and cool throughout the day. With different kinds of quality fabric being used in the design such as polyester and cotton, a Poncho makes sure to protect you from the hot summer weather. There is an endless variety of colours to choose from depending on your style; you can go for a red Poncho, black Poncho, white Poncho, or you can choose one that uses a combination of colours with different patterns such as a floral or embroidered Poncho. You can easily combine it with your hijab! You can even get these modest Ponchos as gifts to yourself or a loved one for special days like Eid. There can also be subtle differences in terms of Poncho design. It can be sleeveless, buttoned, or it could be using fur to decorate its collar and sleeves and more! Oversize/big size Ponchos also see big demand in modest fashion. It’s also important to know that a Poncho could be used to decorate your modest fashion wardrobe even in the winter. So if you are looking to complete your modest outfit, for the summer season, or for any season, a modest Poncho could be what you’re looking for!