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$ 18.99

When your modest outfit feels like it’s missing something, but you just can’t figure out what it is, it’s more than likely a shawl. Being a perfect substitute for hijabs, a shawl should definitely take its place in your wardrobe to complete your modest total look. Modest Catwalk offers almost an endless variety. You can choose from many different shawls; red, grey, black beige, green and more! Not only that, we also have many different pattern shawls available; floral, dotted, Gingham, Chinoiserie and more! With so many options available, you can use shawls to complete any outfit you desire or use it as an alternative to hijabs, we can promise you that a shawl won’t look out of place. It has all these advantages, but we haven’t even talked about the main advantage yet; the convenience it provides. It’s a summer night in 2020, there is a cool summer breeze, but it’s not cold enough to carry a coat with you. Those are the times when shawls become lifesavers, especially thanks to their light cotton and silk fabrics. If the hijab variety in ModestCatwalk.com doesn’t satisfy you, you should definitely check our shawls. We can confidently say that shawls are a requirement in modest fashion.